Jazz Dance World Congress 2000

9th Jazz Dance World Congress held at the University at Buffalo
At the 9th Jazz Dance World Congress held at the University at Buffalo, New York, August 2-8, 2000, master teacher, choreographer and dancer, Pattie Obey received the 2000 Jazz Dance World Congress Award in "recognition of her considerable contribution to the world of jazz dance". Gus Giordano, Founder/Director of Jazz Dance World Congress, presented Obey with the prestigious award, which recognizes major contributions to the world of Jazz Dance, at the final concert. Past recipients of the Jazz Dance World Congress Award include Gregory Hines, Paula Abdul, Ann Reinking, Margo Sappington, Peter Gennaro, Frank Hatchett, Joe Tremaine, Matt Mattox, Luigi and Patsy Swayze.
Miss Obey is also credited with paving the way for women in jazz. Her former teacher and company director, Gus Giordano says: "Women have had a rough time in the jazz world... .Pattie Obey was a pioneer in changing all of that." In 1992, she was the first woman to teach at the Jazz Dance World Congress and has been a member of the Master Faculty since then. During the Congress, Obey taught her signature fast-paced choreography to hundreds of jazz dancers and was one of the five jurors for the Leo's Jazz Dance Choreography Competitive Event. Obey has taught jazz dance in major colleges and universities across the United States, Mexico and Europe.
Ms. Obey's drive and dedication to her work have had a great influence on the development of jazz dance worldwide. Making her home in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, she works extensively in Europe and devotes half of the year to teaching and choreographing in the United States. Obey says, "My gypsy lifestyle can be exhausting, but I absolutely love what I do. Receiving this award was a real honor. How lucky I am to be recognized for doing what I love to do!"